Strategic Tenacious Advocacy for the Next Decade Uplifting our People

Attorney Carlos Moore believes that it is time for the National Bar Association to STAND UP.  As your NBA President he will take a stand against injustice any and everywhere and he will be a strong, tenacious advocate for the advancement and uplifting of African Americans across the country and around the world.

Attorney Moore’s national platform will encompass the following initiatives:

  • Election Protection – He will advocate for the utilization of mail in ballots during the 2020 national election, early voting, and will work to maintain the security and integrity of the election.
  • Voter Registration & Get Out The Vote – Attorney Moore will lead and support voter registration and engagement efforts across the country.
  • Diversity on the Federal Bench – He will be a fierce and strong proponent of the appointment of highly qualified black and brown men and women to the federal bench by the President, including advocating for the appointment of an African-American woman to the Supreme Court.
  • Restoration of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act – Attorney Moore will champion this cause in the halls of Congress within the first 100 days of his administration.
  • Criminal Justice Reform – Attorney Moore will seek to dismantle the school to prison pipeline; Decriminalization of marijuana; Restoration of voting rights for convicted felons; Monetary bail reform; Recruitment of more progressive prosecutors across the country; and Ending mass incarceration, focusing on alternative sentencing and rehabilitation to decrease recidivism.
  • Economic Justice and Empowerment – Attorney Moore will advocate for income equality by gender and race, an increase in the minimum wage, and equal opportunity for employment, promotion, and governmental contracts for women and minorities.  He will also be a leading voice for reparations by Federal, State, Corporate, and Educational entities.
  • Public Health – He will support efforts to eliminate health care disparities that have led to higher rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths among African Americans by championing the Affordable Care Act and its expansion to Universal Healthcare.

Attorney Moore is not only the most qualified person for the job, but he is the right man for the job in an age of increased police brutality against unarmed black men and women. He is the voice needed in times such as this. He will be that strong, unbridled voice for the people and the bar as he has always been for his civil rights clients. In short, Attorney Moore will Stand Up for the NBA and our people across the globe, while encouraging each NBA member to do the same.